The InTouch – Part 1 course is a 5-day, instructor-led class focused on Managed InTouch Application design. The course provides a fundamental understanding of the basic principles of the Wonderware visualization module and the steps necessary to develop a Human Machine Interface (HMI) system for your specific plant floor. Lectures and hands-on labs guide you through setup, layout, best practice concepts, features, and functions of the InTouch Software platform. Hands-on labs reinforce concepts and features.


Plant floor operators and managers, system administrators, system integrators, and other individuals who need to use the InTouch HMI software in manufacturing processes.

 Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  •      Build a tag-based Managed InTouch application
  •      Use WindowMaker to create and configure windows
  •      Use Tagname Dictionary to create and Import tags
  •      Build, customize, embed, and animate symbols
  •      Create QuickScripts


  •      Add alarms to an application
  •      Implement InTouch security in an application
  •      View Realtime and Historical trends
  •      Deploy and publish your application
  •      Implement the key concepts learned in this course


  •      Experience with Microsoft Windows operating systems
  •       At least 8 hours of hands-on experience with InTouch software
  •       Manufacturing industry experience


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