Siemens, AB Powerflex, Vacon, Schneider – Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting


VFD technology is a cost effective method to match driver speed to load demands and is an excellent opportunity to reduce operating cost and improve overall efficiencies in your application. This course gives you a fundamental understanding of the installation, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of AC frequency drives. You will learn the basic setup of parameters, control wiring and safety precautions in installing VFD.
The course is conducted using VFDs, Programmable Logic Controllers, and HMI’s.

Plant Engineers, Instrument and Control Engineers, Electrical maintenance technicians and Supervisors

Instrumentation, Process and Control Essentials or Equivalent relevant experience

Among others, you will cover:

Understand the principles of AC variable speed drives
Understand the construction and characteristics of AC induction motors
Efficiency, Torque, Inertia, horse power, power factor
Identify the differences between variable and constant torque applications
Understand the principle of operation of VFD for simple applications
Select motors and VFD for simple applications
Start-up, maintain, and troubleshoot VFD
Identify hardware components of the VFD
Modify the parameters of the VFD AC drive
Interpret diagnostic fault messages of the VFD
VFD control loops (Open loop and Close loop)
Set up and configure communication links with other devices such as human machine interfaces and programmable logic controllers
Use communication links to control a drive and display its status and fault logs


Upon completion of this course, participant will:

Demonstrate a sound understanding of how AC Variable Speed Drives work
Install VFD properly
Select the right VFDs properly
Select the right VFDs for a given application
Troubleshoot VFDs competently
Interface VFD’s and PLCs
Deal effectively with VFD harmonics and EMC/EMI problems

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