This course is designed for instrumentation specialists involved in the definition and specification of instrumentation and control systems using the SmartPlant Instrumentation software. In this course, students learn how to define the instruments using SmartPlant Instrumentation as per the specifications of project deliverables.

  • Introduction
    • SPI Modules overview& Basic Workflow
  • Instrument Index Module
    • Adding Loops/Tags & Editing Loop/Tag properties
    • Utilizing the Index Browse & Index Module Reports
    • Typical and Batch loop creation
  • Process Data Module
    • PD for Lines, PD for Instruments & PD reports
  • Calculation Module
    • Control Valves, thermowells & Relief Valves
  • Specifications Module
    • Viewing and adding specs, default specifications, multi-instrument specs & Customizing spec forms
  • Wiring Module
    • Wiring Methodology
    • Terminal Strip and Cable configurations
    • I/O Card Configuration
    • Connections and viewing data I/O Assignments
    • Cross Wiring
  • Loop Drawing Module
    • Loop Drawing Management & Generation
  • Hook-Up Module
    • Creating and using Hook-ups

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