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Philips is a famous brand that is trusted by many people and does not hesitate to choose products to serve the lighting needs of the family. LED panel light RC048B 42W LED38S 600x600 Philips is no exception, although it is new to the market, it attracts many people's attention. Currently products are available at Hoang Phat Lighting with extremely favorable prices, high discounts, certainly meeting all the needs of customers.

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Essential SmartBright Bulkhead WT045C LED20/NW

RoadFlair Gen2 BRP493 LED285

SmartBright Direct Panel G2

The most affordable LED panel delivering comfortable light with excellent uniformity. Slimmer then it’s predecessor, it is durable, energy efficient and with 3 years warranty

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Normal Price: N35,000

Promo Price: N24,000

Essential Smart Bright Bulkhead

The new Philips Essential smartbright Bulkhead offers exceptional value. It is Perfect for your everyday indoor and semi outdoor lighting installations. It comes with option of 2 sizes and is dust and waterproof.

Enjoy 10% Discount Today !!! Order Now Before Its Sold Out !!!

Normal Price: N25,000

Promo Price: N12,000

2 Years Warranty

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Am enjoying the Philips bulbs, so far its goof value for money spent. I recommend GIL Automations to anyone.
This company is a leading provider of Philip lighting products like: FLUORESCENT TUBES - LAMPS, LED FLOODLIGHTS,
Tayo Adeleke
The truth is that I spend more time chasing down my own stupid programming error analysers in every JavaScript file I write.
Choice Laitor
Port Harcourt

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