We offer quality welding training to prepare you for your dream and help you develop marketable mulple welding skills with allied joining and cung processes,in-line with…. (the America Welding Society (AWS) SENSE)…standard
and procedures.
Module 1 – Occupaonal Orientaont
Module 2 – Safety and health of welders
Module 3-Drawing Welding Symbols
Module 4-Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)Connuing Studies
Module 5 – Gas Metal Arc Welding (GWAW, GMAW-S)Internaonal Acvies
Module 6 – Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW-G/GM.FCAW-S)
Module 7-GAS Tungsten ARC Welding (GTAW)
Module 8- Thermal Cung Processes
Module 9 – Welding Inspection and Testing

Students will Learn ARC, MIG, FCAW, TIG & Pipe welding process & techniques. Also, they will acquire the knowledge required to interpret various of sketches and prints.

For Whom
Job seeker: It gives you a compeve advantage over others, increases your earning potenals and makes you eligible for employment in any sector. The HSE qualificaon is mandatory for geng a job in some sectors.

Working Professionals:
It gives you a plaorm to easily switch jobs or industries and increases your earning potenal. It also helps you get a lucrave job in top sectors of the economy.

Course Content: 
Welding safety
Types of welding
Welding defects