Safety should be the first consideration for anyone working with electricity, especially high voltage. Switchgear plays an important role in electricity distribution and its performance significantly affects the overall performance of the system. Failure to efficiently disconnect faults elsewhere in the network or failure in switchgear itself is costly, resulting in additional loss of supply, damage to equipment and possibly fatal injury to personnel. It is therefore critically important that switchgear is safely operated and maintained correctly, within an overall asset management regime that is both economic and effective in securing a high level of system reliability.


Managers, engineers, technicians and Personnel who require practical (hands on) experience of switching and issuing of safety documents on high and low voltage power systems.

Among others, you will cover:

  • Operational procedures
  • Key Safe and Multi Hasp locking (Isolok) systems
  • Single end drive motor isolations
  • 11/3.3kV & 11/0.415kV transformer isolations
  • Ring mains and ring main units
  • Voltage transformer isolation
  • Circuit main earth application protocols
  • Additional earth application protocols
  • Dependent & Independent power operations
  • Stored energy operations
  • Electrical safety documents
  • Abridged high voltage safety rules


To enable candidates to familiarize themselves with operational protocols and potential physical constraints associated with high voltage power systems.

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