The objective of this training is to give the audience a basic technical overview and understanding of process variables technologies. The class will cover operational theory, installation considerations and applications, and where and how they should be applied.


Engineers and Technicians involved in the Process Industry who require an appreciation and understanding of the techniques used in Process Measurement and Control.

Among others, you will cover:

  •      Introduction to the principles and fundamentals of Process Measurement and Instrumentation systems and Process variables.
  •      Symbols and units used and sample calculations
  •      Process variable selection
  •      DP, Velocity, Mass and Displacement flowmeters
  •      Principles of operation of Sensors and Transducers used for:
    • Temperature Measurement
    • Strain measurement
    • Pressure measurement
    • Flow measurement
    • Level measurement
    • Ultrasonic techniques for non-invasive process measurement
  •      Principles of Process Control and study of the main Control strategies used, leading to an explanation of the 3-term PID controller.
  •      Process variable selection and Pressure calibrators
  •      DP, Velocity, Mass and Displacement flowmeters
  •      Flow products summary
  •      Process variables Technology selection
  •      Technology (Pressure Transmitter, HTG & Hybrid System) etc.


At the end of this course, all trainees shall be able to;

  •        give an understanding of the principles of operation of a range of sensors and transducers
  •        become familiar and confident with a range of measurement techniques
  •      understand the concepts of Process Control and acquire the knowledge relating to the characteristics and properties of a process variable being measured
  •      to have the confidence and knowledge to apply the above techniques and principles to solve an unfamiliar and bespoke measurement situation in the workplace

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