Switching Devices and Switchgear – Basics and Application


Course Duration: 3 Days


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  • Course Overview: The “Switching Devices and Switchgear – Basics and Application” course offered by GIL Training Institute is a comprehensive program designed to provide participants with a fundamental understanding of switching devices and switchgear used in electrical power systems. This 4-day course covers the basics of various switching devices, their applications, and their role in ensuring the safe and reliable operation of electrical networks.Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
    1. Understand the fundamentals of switching devices and switchgear.
    2. Identify different types of switching devices and their applications.
    3. Analyze the principles of switching and interruption in electrical circuits.
    4. Evaluate the selection and operation of switchgear for specific electrical networks.
    5. Demonstrate safety practices and procedures when working with switching devices.
    6. Apply knowledge to real-world scenarios and make informed decisions regarding switchgear selection and usage.