The participants will gain essential knowledge in substation communication based on Ethernet and IEC61850. The participants will be familiar with the concept and configuration of device communication via IEC61850 protocol on the basic of data exchange between the devices belonging to the bay or station level they are connected to the Ethernet Bus. The basics of the Ethernet communication profile and the application of diverse communication topologies will be presented. The basics of testing Ethernet compliant with IEC61850 will be presented. The participants will realize a GOOSE communication between SIPROTEC 5 devices as well as between SIPROTEC 5 and SIPROTEC devices.

Professional users of power supply utilities and industry who deal with the planning, configuration, commissioning, maintenance and operation of SIPROTEC 5 and SIPROTEC 4 as well as to Station Automation Systems with IEC61850 Communication Systems.

Basic knowledge of electrical engineering, Course ™DIGSI 5 ™ Basics (DIGSI5-B)” or comparable knowledge.

  • Basics of communication networks and systems in substations with Ethernet and IEC61850 (TCP/IP; OSI / IEC61850 Model)
  • Overview of IEC61850 Edition 1 and Edition 2
  • Structure of the substation communication bus IEC61850 profile
  • Structure of Ethernet communication networks (topology, architecture, components,


  • Implementation of IEC61850 Communication with the System Configurator of DIGSI 5
  • Simple example of GOOSE Communication with SIPROTEC 5 devices
  • IEC 61 850 Redundance Concepts with RSTP, PRP und HSR-Protokol
  • Configuring of Reverse Interlocking for protection with GOOSE communication
  • Station Interlocking with Ethernet-Substations- Bus
  • Transfer of displays to neighbour-feeder between SIPROTEC 5 devices with GOOSE
  • GOOSE Communication between SIPROTEC 4 and SIPROTEC 5
  • Automatic Setting Group Changing with GOOSE
  • Commissioning, testing and diagnostic of IEC61850 communication networks
  • Practical exercises with helpful DIGSI 5 guide for Exercises
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