The participants will receive information about the actual status of standard power system calculation methods, recognizing weak spots in the power system and searching for remedies.

Engineers and service technicians from power supply utilities and industry in operation, planning, design and servicing of switchgear.

Basics of Electrical Engineering

2 days

  • What is the purpose of load-flow and short-circuit current calculation?
  • Power system structures and star point handling
  • Characteristic equipment values
  • Theory of calculating electrical power supply systems

  • Modeling the most important electrical equipment (generator, transformer, line and load
  • Load-flow calculation, current iteration and Newton Raphson methods
  • Short-circuit calculation, regeneration methods, standards
  • Selectivity of time-graded protection facilities (overcurrent-time and distance protection) 
  • Small examples calculation relating to the above mentioned methods
  • Calculating really existing power systems with the aid of interactive calculation programs on a PC or workstation to verify manually determined values
  • Interpreting the results
  • Possibilities of remedying weak spots in the network


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