GIL Training understands the importance of advancement and development and has recently invested in its automation training facilities to provide her customers with quality and up to date training services.

In Africa today, It is widely known that industrial automation processes and Integration system has continuously eluded many technical professionals due to its perceived scarce knowledge and limited practical accessibility. GIL Automations aim at bridging this gap for starters, intermediate technical personnel and skilled professionals through our series of public training classes.


Aside from the new facilities, We have also invested tremendously in our course materials, time and experience aimed at easing knowledge transfer during our classes, with specific details to industrial applications. Our training materials are built from, and in compliance with industrial leading standards such as ISA, NFPA, IEC, IEEE, IET, OSHA etc and we also use authorized industry videos to buttress our class lessons.

Our public training classes attempt to cushion the effect of long-lost /stagnant technical ability with state of the art demo equipment and hands-on application-based training approach.

We hope that you find our courses in alignment with your technical requirements and skill gaps.

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