GIT-SI-Technical Report Writing (2 Days)
The aim of this workshop is to develop the principles of technical writing that give it a logical base – appealing to both the technical or non-technical reader. This course encourages writers to be efficient and logical in their use of words, ensuring that the purpose of each component is understood and achieved. The workshop focuses on the real challenge – to express complex ideas simply. This entails anticipating the needs of readers and supplying whatever context may be needed to understand the meaning, relevance and importance of what is written.

GIT S3- Project Planning, Scheduling & Cost Control (3 Days)
This 3-day interactive course is designed to help delegates build skills in managing the constraints typical of many a project such as; limits on time, human resources, materials, budget and specifications. Delegates will earn a sound, logical framework for scheduling and controlling project activities and discover ways to work within the identified constraints without curtailing creativity and

GIT S4-Engineering Facilities Management (3 Days)
This 3-day course is designed to empower personnel to optimally manage facilities according to the expectations and requirements of the global engineering industries and also introduce them to different facilities in the industry, their design, installation, construction/operations and maintenance, including health and environmental issues. The workshop discusses what to do to implement maintenance best practices as part of integrated facilities management in an